Elizabeth did the Yukon Do It Half Marathon

UPDATE: Photos from the Marathon:


You can buy the photos on this site.


Elizabeth participated in the Yukon Do It half marathon in Port Orchard, WA, on December 31, 2011.

They are the 172nd (Liz).

You can read the result here.

In the hope to see some photos soon, here some reports from the marathon:

The race also included a celebrity sighting: Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost. I don’t watch the show, so I didn’t recognize her, but I did notice the exceptionally pretty, sweaty woman in the finish area. L was the one to recognize her and chat with her. Very cool! (Source)

And this one:

I’m curious to see how Elizabeth Mitchell (actor in TV’s Lost) did in the half marathon! If I see pics of her, I will post later. I did not notice her on the course but heard she ran (I don’t know that I could ever recognize a famous person without someone pointing them out). (Source)

Thanks Cristiane for emailing us this info!