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Now that ‘V’ is canceled, what should Elizabeth Mitchell do next?

Like an adorable child forced by love and honor to shoot the beloved family dog that has gone mad from rabies, ABC has finally canceled V. I can’t say I’m too unhappy about the end of the alien-invasion reboot. The show didn’t really have much going for it, besides a completely insane series finale that hilariously killed half the main cast. More importantly, the show’s demise gives series standout Elizabeth Mitchell the chance to find another job on a different TV show. Mitchell was by far the best thing about V, and it seems like she’d be a great addition to any TV series. But what would you like to see Elizabeth Mitchell do next?

Part of me wants to see Mitchell hop into an already-successful show that could benefit from her playfully terse style. I’d love to see her join her old Lost castmate Daniel Dae Kim on Hawaii Five-0, a fun lark that could use a stronger female presence. (Come on, who doesn’t want to see Boomer and Juliet team up against the Five-0 boys’ club?) Conversely, Mitchell has usually been the funniest person on resolutely non-funny shows, so maybe her next move would be to take the Rob Lowe path into comedy. Perhaps she could be a nemesis for Jules on Cougar Town, or the head of an opposing study group on Community? (Wouldn’t she be a great Office boss?)

In my ideal world, Mitchell could get a role on the second season of AMC’s The Killing or The Walking Dead — both shows seem like good fits for the actress. (She lives around Seattle, and The Killing is set in Seattle. Just sayin’.) But you could also argue that the lady deserves her own freaking show, already — perhaps a gritty FX-style serial-procedural like Justified, or a resolutely non-gritty USA-style procedural quirkfest.

What would you like to see Elizabeth Mitchell do next, PopWatchers?

Source: EW

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