V 2×09 | Mania Review

V: Devil in a Blue Dress
Mania Grade: B+

This show has been really rocking in the past several episodes. It’s been consistently good at a very steady pace.

To summarize, the Fifth Column hopes to destroy the blue energy reactor as part of Anna’s (Morena Baccarin) Concordia project, upon learning that all 538 locales are really landing sites for an invading Visitor fleet. Sabotaging one of the sites would lead to countless deaths within 100 square miles, demonstrating there’s a difference between “calculated risk and senseless slaughter” in the words of Jack Landry (Joel Gretsch), the former priest.

The shining moment for this episode goes to Chad Decker (Scott Wolf). Chad learns Anna plans something sinister for his co-anchor Kerry Eltoff (Ona Grauer), who is too anti-V. Pre-empting Anna, he gives Kerry false info that puts the Visitors in a bad light, with which she goes on air (she should’ve confirmed it first).

This later results in her being fired. Kerry confronts Chad, slapping his face and telling him that he was a back-stabber who cares only for himself. Her outburst creates a bit of a scene. Chad continues to keep up appearances, telling her his news show, “Prime Focus,” is better off with one person: him. Little does she know he just saved her life.

Anna also has the ability to use her Bliss on humans, although the cost to her health is pretty bad as demonstrated by her bleeding eyes – a pretty disturbing image… As was the scene where Sidney Miller (Bret Harrison) does a great job of vomiting, which really didn’t need to be shown.

At the end, new alliances are forged as Queen Diana (Jane Badler) allies herself with the Fifth Column as does her granddaughter Lisa (Laura Vandervoort). Ryan (Morris Chestnut) returns to the fold, but Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) makes it clear that while she dislikes him and doesn’t forgive him for his duplicity, they do need him. Joshua (Mark Hildreth), a V scientist, remembers he’s a Fifth Columnist. And Anna’s right hand Marcus (Christopher Shyer), who recovered from his injuries, appears to be on the fence about what side he’ll choose now that he knows Diana is still alive.

Okay, so now things are in place for next week’s season finale (and, please, let it be a season finale). In the previews, a new player named Lars (a bearded Marc Singer, the protagonist from the original V) joins up. The concern about the finale is will it be too rushed, given that there’s way too many subplots going on, way too many characters, not to mention that this may indeed be a series finale since ratings haven’t been the greatest and since ABC cut back the episode number from 13 to 10 (thanks, network suits, for having such faith in this show).

We’ll know soon enough.

Source: Mania