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Mitchell is an excellent actress, displaying strength and vulnerability interchangeably. Looking forward to seeing a more hard-edged Erica in the coming episodes.

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V: Birth Pangs
Anna’s master plan is revealed.

Another great episode in a row reveals the master plan of Anna (Morena Baccarin) – she wants to harvest human DNA of Earth’s best and brightest to jumpstart the evolution of her people. That is why she’s expressed such an interest in Tyler (Logan Huffman), whom she says is now expendable in this episode due to his low phosphorus levels (essential for breeding with Vs), even after the Red Rain.

Upon assuming the leadership of the Fifth Column, merging her cell into a global organization, Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) is more brutal and hard-nosed than she’s ever been. She wasn’t above torturing a Visitor, who happened to be the OB-GYN that messed with her pregnancy with Tyler 18 years ago.

This new and edgy Erica doesn’t go unnoticed by Hobbes (Charles Mesure), another hard ass, and he seems turned on by the whole thing. In fact, the two even come close to kissing in what was a very awkward moment for Erica. Is there romantic tension in the air?

If this show would be surviving past this season, perhaps there’d even be a love triangle between her, Hobbes, and the now former Fr. Jack (Joel Gretsch). The creators of the original V planned on doing a love triangle between Julie (Faye Grant), Donovan (Marc Singer), and Tyler (Michael Ironside) but the show got axed – something that seems to be a tradition with V.

The creators are cranking up the action in the hopes that the series’ll go out with a bang. ABC owes the fans that much.

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V: Siege
The Fifth Column faces death and betrayal

First things first: This review of last week’s episode is a week late due to technical difficulties. My DVR crashed and since V is not shown on either Hulu.com or ABC.com (thanks, network executives), it seemed seeing “Siege” was a lost cause. However, a friend had it saved from last week and I got to see the episode. Thanks for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience.

On with the review…

It seems that the creators realize the sands are running out on V, sadly enough, and are pulling out all the stops to tell their story. This episode felt like two episodes were being jammed into one, yet it didn’t feel cluttered.

To summarize: The Fifth Column finds out about Ryan’s (Morris Chestnut) duplicity and beat him senseless. Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) meets her grandmother Diana (Jane Badler). Fr. Jack (Joel Gretsch) is forced to live the priesthood since he violated the Vatican’s edict on speaking out against the Vs. Erica’s (Elizabeth Mitchell) ex-husband Joe (guest star Nicholas Lea of The X-Files) gets killed as does Eli Cohn (Omed Fehr, The Mummy) but not before leaving Erica in charge of his Fifth Column, which is a global network. Tyler (Logan Huffman) blames Erica for Joe’s death and joins Anna (Morena Baccarin) on the mother ship.

That’s plenty for one episode… especially since V has been accused of moving slowly.

It’s a shame that more couldn’t be done with Fehr’s character as his run on the show gets cut short after a few short episodes. Mitchell is an excellent actress, displaying strength and vulnerability interchangeably. Looking forward to seeing a more hard-edged Erica in the coming episodes.

Source: mania

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