EW review | V 2×07 Birth Pangs

Last night’s episode of V practically felt like a mini-reboot of the whole series. No longer was our beloved rebel gang stuck plotting in the basement. Instead, Erica and Hobbes took an extended espionage vacation, first to Bangkok (where they met with other Fifth Column leaders) and then to Hong Kong (where they pulled an elaborate operation to interrogate a mysterious baby doctor.) Hobbes stole the show here, whether he was showing off his language skills by tossing out some Chinese or initiating some white-hot chemistry with Erica mid-safecrack.

Give it to the creators of V: They seem to have finally understood that a rebel army should actually, well, rebel at some point. You could quibble with just how quickly the Fifth Column has become a global operation. (I winced a little bit when the lovable scientist sidekick gave a status update on his research: “I reached out to the global scientific community.” Yup, that’s how science works, just reach out to scientists everywhere!) But Elizabeth Mitchell seemed particularly energized in her new role as anti-V chieftess. And the revelations that came out of their investigation were both gooey (those Y-chromosome attack bugs) and fascinating: Apparently, the Visitors have been spurring their own evolution by cherry-picking the best genetic elements of lifeforms from across the galaxy. They’re sort of like Sylar from Heroes in species form. (I mean that as a compliment: Sylar was always kind of cool, even when Heroes totally wasn’t.)

Meanwhile, up on the Mothership, the eternal struggle between mothers and daughters played out across three generations of Visitor Queens. Anna gave Tyler a mercy buzzcut and put him into pilot training, but alas, it seems his blood isn’t quite phosphorous-y enough to start makin’ V babies. (I like to imagine Anna waving her fist into the air, screaming “Phosporoooooouusss!“) She told Lisa to get close to an alternate-Tyler. But Lisa refused, leading to a back-and-forth slap-fight, and a key revelation: Anna has one Queen egg left, which could potentially hatch into a less troublesome daughter. (Grodiest line of the night: Anna calling the egg “The last of my clutch.”) She had Doctor Joshua work on his magical aging science, which magically worked almost immediately on the hybrid baby.

The episode concluded with Lisa confiding in her grandmother…but given the grin on Grandma Diana’s face, I’m betting we’re about to see some vintage Jane Badler backstabbery. Viewers, did you dig last night’s Mission: Impossible-esque espionage? Could Hobbes really pass as a Chinese security guard? Did you treasure Father Jack’s joke about his new roommate Hobbes’ “tight black shirts”? Oh, that Father Jack: What a Felix!

Source: EW