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Logan Huffman about Elizabeth

Interviewer: Tell me about working with Elizabeth Mitchell. She plays your mom on the show. She’s someone who has been acting for a while. What have you been able to learn from being in scenes with her?

Logan Huffman: Oh, everything. I mean, that’s my favourite part of the day. Working with Elizabeth. There’s so much that I am being taught. She’s constantly there for me. She’s been coaching me this whole season. The point is that she’s a wonderfully giving and beautiful, beautiful, warm woman. You know, she’s a good woman. And she has helped me out a lot. She’s good.

I: She plays your mom, obviously. Does sort of a off-screen maternal relationship almost exist in that situation where she has been around a while. You are new to the game. She plays your mom on the show. Does she sort of treat you like one of her sons?

LH: Well, she has always treated me as an equal first and foremost. And then she absolutely takes care of me. Like, we’re always hugging. And after a really mean scene, when we hug afterwards, the thing that we forget and the biggest thing what people don’t like about Tyler is they think “I was never like that.” Bull****! We were like that. Cause all teenagers act like they’re 12 one moment and 35 the next. He’s coming in to be who he is and this season I have worked really hard to make him man up. There had to be that last season for you to really see him grow this season. And boy does he man up. He’s got more power. He’s broken. Completely broken. And he doesn’t want to feel anything anymore. He doesn’t want to be human anymore. He just wants to exist and do his job right.

Source: RossCarey

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  • MollyVegas

    Elizabeth seems so wonderful. That’s what everyone says about her. Maybe I’ll actually like Tyler this season.