Great Review about Juliet & Sawyer

James “Sawyer” Ford and Juliet Burke: Lost

Because Lost contained a sprawling ensemble cast, quite a few of the countless hookups on that crazy island could qualify for this list (so close, Sun and Jin, so close!).

What made Sawyer and Juliet so captivating was the combination of the almost complete lack of build up and the unprecedented amount of intensity and emotion they exuded in only a few episodes.

Prior to season 5, their scenes together were sparse and contained very little direct interaction. There was no indication that they would even strike up a friendship, let alone walk into the bright light of the afterlife together. Case in point, the first time they met, she pulled a taser on him and stuck him in a polar bear cage. Either Juliet ran out of pick-up lines or their romance was a delightful spur of the moment decision for the writers.

The late blooming relationship created a refreshing dynamic, where there was little room for awkward, corny flirtations but still expressions of bonding and a growing connection based on shared experience and strikingly similar personal motivations.

Even if viewers weren’t taken with the couple, Sawyer’s individual transformation was enough of a development to garner some fascination.

After two seasons of deliciously riveting and damaged characters acting as pawns in Jack and Kate’s tiring game of jealousy and denial, it was such a relief to see Sawyer and Juliet find happiness in each other instead.

These five relationships hardly cover the vast terrain of television romance. They are simply the five that stood out to me the most prominently.

Source: Den of Geek | Thanks Hawthorn