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Does V stand for Visitor? Is it Victory? Or even Vengeance?

That seems to be the question pondered by the season finale of ABC’s sci-fi drama “V,” recently renewed for a second season. Although the series won’t return until midseason (at the earliest, November), the writers left us with quite a few cliffhangers to think about in the meantime as alliances fractured, sides were taken, and a new threat to the planet was unleashed by a vengeful Anna, in the throes of her first real human emotion.

Given the way that the season ended, with more than a few plot twists thrown into the mix, I’m extremely glad that ABC is giving “V” another shot next season. This week’s episode (“Red Sky”), offered quite a few surprises as Erica managed to get aboard the mother ship and throw a major wrench in Anna’s plans … only to have Anna bring about hell on Earth itself as the sky above every city on the planet turned crimson.

It was a fantastic sequence that effortlessly mirrored the pilot episode, which depicted the Visitors’ arrival on Earth as mother ships descended on 29 of the planet’s major cities. Here, we’re once again treated to the site of Visitor ships hovering above Los Angeles, Florence and other cities, but with an eerie red backdrop that signals a major turning point in the shadowy war between the humans and the Visitors.

This week’s episode also saw some unexpected new alliances and the disintegration of others as each of the characters had to decide which master they would serve, choosing whether to follow their heads or their hearts, knowing that it could be the most important decision of their lives … as the fate of two races hangs in the balance.

Ryan and Val: Poor Val really got a raw deal here. Not only did she learn that the child she’s conceived with her long-term boyfriend is a hybrid, but Ryan is himself a reptilian alien hiding under genetically modified human flesh. No sooner does she go into labor than she’s taken prisoner by a deer-munching Visitor soldier, who brings her to the New York mother ship so that she can give birth to her baby. Although Anna claimed that she wants only to help Val, given that this is a severely high-risk pregnancy, the reverse was true. No sooner did Val give birth to the baby and manage to survive the ordeal than Anna decided to murder her, leaving the baby up for grabs and Ryan ripe for the plucking.

Ryan and Val managed to get one tender scene together in the medical bay as the baby’s head crowned. He kissed her goodbye and went to wait nearby, unaware that Anna planned to eliminate Val and keep the hybrid baby. But any hope of a happy future together with the woman he loves was brutally ripped away by High Commander Anna, who injected Valerie and instructed the medical officer to state that Val died in childbirth and only the baby lived.

Later, Ryan confronted Anna and nearly choked her before Anna offered him another option to vengeance. She gave him his child, whose reptilian tail curled around his finger (like a human baby might use its little pinkie), and offered him a second chance. Ryan, for his part, gave into Anna’s bliss this time, allowing her radiance to wash over him and pledging himself once more to the Visitors, eliminating his human emotions and closing himself off once more. Just what this means with regard to his allegiance to the Fifth Column’s cause remains to be seen. But for now, he’s made his choice about which side to support. After all, he now has a child to think about.

“I’m so sorry you lost her,” says Anna to Ryan,”but now you have me.” (Shudder.)

Anna believes that they can learn from Ryan, to gain insight into their enemy and gain an understanding of “love.” If they can manage to turn Ryan back to their side, then they can turn anyone. After all, human emotions are fostered by proximity to the humans. By returning to the mother ship and shutting down his feelings, Ryan might be able to be “saved” by Anna, especially if she continues to use her bliss on him.

Father Jack: Early on in the episode, Father Travis refused to let Jack deliver a sermon that described the Visitors as false prophets, but Jack refused to give in to the demands of his superior, instead delivering a scathing sermon that ended up nearly emptying the entire congregation as Jack stood at the pulpit and asked the parishioners to renounce the Visitors. “You can’t serve two masters. … Even a single Judas can defeat us,” cries Jack. “Let V no longer stand for Visitor. Let V stand for Victory.”

Jack’s decision to cross the line in the sand, to place his career and safety in jeopardy, is an important one. Unlike Chad Decker, he won’t sheepishly follow the flock and accept these Visitors with a blind faith that should be used to worship the divine. No, Jack is the leader of a flock and he intends to point it in the correct direction, on the path of righteousness, even though it’s not the smart thing to do. As Father Travis tells him, he’s done a very dangerous thing.

So where will we find Jack next season? Will he still be a priest? Or will he have left the priesthood altogether, focusing instead on the Fifth Column and stopping the threat of the Visitors? Hmmm…

Aside: I was a little confused by Jack’s efforts to send Joshua a message after the comm device stopped working. By sending said message through Chad Decker, Anna’s lap dog, he put Joshua and the entire Fifth Column at risk … and this gambit ended up leading to the mother-ship-based saboteurs being rounded up. However, it did lead to Chad’s eyes being opened about the Visitors and Anna herself.

Chad: Likewise, Chad Decker is also forced to choose his own master this week. At first it seems as though he’s proved his loyalty to Anna but, after his whispering in Anna’s ear led to the Fifth Column being captured on the mother ship and Joshua imprisoned, he finally learned the truth about what’s really going on up in the sky. Joshua told him that the Fifth Column members will be skinned alive and that Anna didn’t cure his aneurysm, she gave him one.

Chad refused to believe Joshua, but then the scales fell from his eyes as he saw the experiments being performed on the Live Aboard humans. He showed up later at Jack’s sermon and stood to the side, seemingly making his alliance to their cause known. Can he really be trusted? Is he willing to put aside his personal ambition and thirst for power in order to serve the greater good? And will Anna ever let him go?

Joshua: The ever-selfless Joshua sacrificed himself to further the goals of the Fifth Column, creating a diversion that allowed Erica to detonate a blue energy grenade within the incubation chamber where Anna’s thousands of eggs lay, waiting to hatch. After preventing Lisa from risking her own life, he then protected Erica’s cover by forcing her to shoot him, seemingly killing him within a firefight. The effect served to prove Erica’s loyalty to Anna and to remove suspicion that she was behind the attack on the eggs. But it’s not the end of Joshua; a quick scene at the end showed Leah and other Fifth Column survivors reviving Joshua using Visitor technology. … Could it be that he’s meant to replace Ryan as the Visitor member of the human resistance effort?

I also loved the scene where Lisa freed Joshua from the holding cell in the medical bay and she held his face and told him that he was brave. His reply? “Thank you, my queen.” It was a quick but powerful moment that summed up Lisa’s full potential. Could it be that she’s the rightful heir to the throne, a contender supported by the Fifth Column?

Hobbes and Marcus: Both terrorist Kyle Hobbes and Anna’s right-hand-man Marcus have been extremely shifty all season. This week, Kyle managed to get Marcus off of the mother ship so that Erica could work unencumbered without him keeping an ever-watchful eye on her. But it was really a business meeting so that he could trade the research that the Visitors are so desperate to have for his own freedom, as well as discovering why the Visitors framed him months earlier.

But Marcus has a few secrets of his own: He framed Hobbes so that he could get his attention, as he wants to hire him. When Hobbes scoffed at this, Marcus told him that he’s been working for him for months and that he wanted him to infiltrate the Fifth Column. Although this made it seem as though Marcus is evil and wanted Hobbes to betray the human resistance effort, it was more of a bait-and-switch as Marcus was among the Fifth Column members who were present at Joshua’s revival process.

So is Marcus one of them? Is he playing both sides? Is he the Judas at the table, ready to throw his hand in with whatever side seems like they’re about to win? I’m still not sure what to make of Marcus, even at the end of the season. But I dare say that he might just be on the side of the angels, after all. “Welcome back,” he tells Joshua, a sentiment that echoes Anna’s “welcome home” to Ryan earlier.

Erica: I loved the dinner party scene that played out between Erica, Tyler, Anna, and Lisa as the two families came together aboard the mother ship. But although Anna believes that she is using Erica and exerting her influence over her, the reverse is true: Erica used the invitation to destroy the Visitor soldier eggs, destroying all but 12 of them in the process and wiping them out using a blue energy grenade given to her by none other than Lisa.

Which is lucky because the gel explosive that Hobbes had prepared for her was seized when she came aboard the ship (it was concealed in her purse), along with her firearm. But thanks to Lisa, Erica was still able to carry out her mission and escape without Anna being aware that she was the one who killed all of her precious children.

I thought that Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin both did an excellent job at conveying the tension and weight of this meeting, a sit-down confrontation between the two in which neither of them was honest with the other. Erica’s grit and determination, as well as her love for Tyler, really came through, as she pretended to go along with Anna’s game of playing happy families.

Anna and Lisa: The royal mother and daughter couldn’t be more different as we wrap up the first season of “V.” Or are they? Lisa made her allegiance to the Fifth Column clear, giving Erica the means to destroy Anna’s children, her own people, rather than allow them to hurt the humans, or even Tyler.

Anna, however, finally has her very first emotion, giving into her heart-rending grief and agony after discovering that someone has destroyed all of her eggs. As Lisa gave a slight smile behind her mother’s back, Anna screamed out in utter rage and loss, unable to understand what was happening to her. (Marcus explained that it was her first experience of human emotion.) Although some of the soldiers escaped death, their core temperatures were severely affected, and Marcus was unsure how many will actually survive.

While Anna experienced full-blown grief, she turned to an act of vengeance, initiating a sequence that turned the sky red across the planet. Just what has she done? Was this her plan all along? And why has she not waited until the appropriate time to unleash this attack? Could it be that she’s now just as prone to an emotional response as any human? Will this be her very undoing? Or will it be the end of the human race? Find out next season …

What did you think of this episode and of the season in general? Should we trust Marcus? Sad to see Val go? Will Ryan come back around? Will Lisa become queen? Will you come back next season to watch Season 2 of “V”? Head to the comments section to discuss.

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Elizabeth Mitchell, Morris Chestnut and Morena Baccarin nearly always provide a solid 60 Min of great TV, so don’t forget to turn on ABC at 22:00 ET to watch V season 1 episode 12.

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V has finally sold me. It was a long, hard sell, but I have to say that after watching “Red Sky,” the first season finale, I’m truly happy that V got picked up for a second season. I was fairly content with it with ABC announced it at upfronts, but now, I’m definitely excited, FlashForward or no FlashForward. The characterization for “Red Sky” was top notch, and I honestly can’t think of one thing I didn’t like about the episode. Well, they refused to show us Valerie and Ryan’s baby, one of the biggest cop-outs in history. But other than that, I found V to be a worthwhile watch, and was honestly better than the preceding episode of LOST, at least as far as pulse-pounding octane goes.

I’ll get straight to watch we’re all thinking: why is the sky red? Anna, angered by the murder of her soldier eggs, decided to up the ante on humanity by having their off-planet ships (who seem a lot closer than they did last time) turn the sky a bright red. Is this just a fear tactic used to get the humans to surrender, or is it some sort of toxin that kills humans? I’m hoping it’s the former, because if it’s the latter, season two is going to be a lot shorter than thirteen episodes.

But for some characters, season two won’t happen. Valerie is one of those who won’t be seeing the (red) light of day, after Anna gave her a fatal injection after the delivery of her baby. Of course, this will have some further play in the story, but it seems more and more like Valerie’s purpose on the series was to get pregnant and die. Her death really threw Ryan off the deep end, though, and before long, Anna will have him eating out of her hand.

Chad Decker was also instrumental in the story, but not in a good way. His meddling led to the death of Joshua, but he was also able to discover the true nature of the Visitors. Anna seemed to realize this when she met him after her dinner with Tyler, Lisa, and Erica, and she put it in no uncertain terms that he needs the Visitors. Especially if what Joshua said is true and the Vistors gave him an aneurysm.

Lisa’s character was fantastic in this episode, and they really played the conflict between her love for Tyler and her love for her Mother in the episode, but it seems her love for Tyler was stronger — though her actions will definitely leave her with deep regrets, especially after watching her mother’s pain at the end of the episode. And with Joshua calling her his queen? I’m expecting some interesting development there.

I’m really cutting this review short and not giving it the justice it deserves, but this episode was definitely the best of the season and left me wanting a season two. A+


The V’s Red Sky finale makes the second season a ‘must’ to watch

ABC’s science fiction drama series, “V”, has ended its first season on previous May 18th 2010 with some unanswered mysteries. The final edition was titled ‘Red Sky’, and it has brilliantly provoked the audiences’ curiosity. Though the ending was world peace, but the V’s fans still have some unanswered questions. Was Ryan still under Anna’s control? Why didn’t they leave Joshua to die? Was Valerie’s baby a boy or a girl? What will happen next to the baby? Why was Anna having a human’s emotion? And will she take her revenge against the earth?

Since its first premier on November 3rd 2009, the ‘V’ stands for ‘Visitors’ has had good ratings. The story was about the aliens building mutual relationship with earth inhabitants. The aliens were regarded as the ‘visitors’, and they claimed to come in peace. The Visitors only asked for a little earth resources in exchange of their high technologies information. But later the visitors had showed their real motives on earth inhabitants. For decades the aliens have interfered in the human governments, businesses and even the religions in order to take over the earth. Fortunately the earth had some reliable FBI agents to against the aliens’ invasion.

The ‘V’ series was produced by The Scott Peters Company, HD Films, and Warner Bross Televison. The story was created by Kenneth Johnson, starring eight actors and actresses for eight main characters. Elizabeth Mitchell as Erica Evans (the FBI agent), Morris Chestnut as Ryan Nichols (an alien who’s at human’s side), Morena Baccarin as Anna (the Leader of the visitors), Joel Gretsch as Father Jack Landry (a Catholic priest), Lourdes Benedicto as Valerie Stevens (Ryan’s human fiance), Logan Huffman as Tyler Evans (Erica’s son), Laura Vandervoort as Lisa (Tyler’s alien lover), and finally Scott Wolf as Chad Decker (the journalist).

ABC Studios is certainly looking forward to release the second season of ‘V’ to please the audiences’ curiosity. So please have these questions answered in V’s second season which is predicted to be released on November 2010.

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Last night marked the season finale of V – and we are so happy to say that this show is coming back next season!

Whew! What a close call that we weren’t too sure how it would pan out! Fortunately for us V lovers, we can now anticipate the return of this amazing science fiction show!

First off, we feel that the writers ended the season with “Red Sky” the way that they did in order to give us some sense of completion.

Maybe that is why Val gave birth to her half human/half alien baby and then Anna came in and killed her.

This allowed Ryan to be brought back under her wing – right? Or once Ryan got a look at his baby – would he see Val’s face and still be a part of the fifth column?

Also, having Joshua risk his life to save the human race was definitely something we weren’t expecting – considering he is a main character and central part of the fifth column. That is probably why he really wasn’t killed off. But, now that he is alive, won’t Anna just torture him until she gets all the information that she wants? How do you think this will pan out for Joshua? Will Lisa somehow rescue Joshua and bring him into safe keeping?

Speaking of Lisa, we were very excited to see that she picked the fifth column over her mother. Really, it came down to her choice if the human race would survive. Thankfully, her attachment to Tyler is as strong as it is. We can’t wait to see what is in store for her next season!

One part that had us a bit confused was Jack’s letter. We thought that he said it wasn’t meant for anyone. Why did Chad bring it to Joshua?

We loved how Jack took a stand against his parish to speak the truth to his parishioners and even brought in parts of the Bible with Revelations and false prophets. Almost all his parishioners left, but the ones that stayed – will they join the resistance?

We liked the mysterious red sky ending with Anna having felt her first human emotion. Will this mean she will strike vengeance against the entire human race? Is this just the beginning of a massive war? One thing is for certain, we can’t wait to see what happens next season!

What did you think of the season finale? Leave your comments below!

Until next season, we leave you with a few of our favorite V quotes from the season finale after the jump!

Anna: What’s happening to me?
Marcus: I believe you are feeling your first human emotion.

Jack: Let V no longer stand for visitor – let V stand for victory.

Jack: There is a war upon us. A war upon our souls.

Jack: People are worshiping them instead of God.

Kyle: And it’s a clutch – not a handbag.

Joshua: You know she has a plan for Tyler – the humans. It’s time for you to decide what side you’re really on.



Please forgive me if my thoughts were everywhere on this one. There was so much information with so little time. That being said, I REALLY liked this episode. I liked it mainly because it felt like a nice payoff. Something was actually accomplished in this episode: the lizard eggs were destroyed, the Hybrid baby was born and the ships are about to attack. Throw in Anna having some human emotions and you’ve got yourself one heck of a show.

My Rating: 8.5 of 10

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It’s been a crazy week and I haven’t been able to write about as many finales as I’d wanted to, but I want to talk about the last two episodes of “V,” which really amped up the tension and featured a lot more of what works about the show and far less of what doesn’t. I’ll focus on the Tuesday finale but what follows are general thoughts about the first season of the show and my hopes for what “V” will focus on in Season 2 (yes, ABC has renewed the show; it will return in January).

A few general thoughts: The Season 1 finale, like last week’s episode, had a lot more forward momentum than we’ve seen almost since the pilot. Taken together, they make the case that when it returns, “V” could be a lot more taut and interesting. The show has dropped some story lines and ideas that weren’t working and has given increased visibility to other elements, and most of those changes were really starting to work in the last couple of hours.For instance, I can hardly believe how interested I am in Lisa as a character. Not only is Laura Vandervoort rocking this part and holding her own with the very accomplished Morena Baccarin (who plays Anna), but Lisa’s new loyalties are very intriguing and inject a welcome element of danger and suspense into all her scenes, especially the ones with Mommy. And I thought it was very interesting that Joshua referred to her as “my queen.” The idea of Erica and Anna locked in a complex relationship and Lisa setting up a rival court within the V world just sounds delicious. I am loving where those stories could go.

But in the interest of speediness, I’m going to quickly boil down the things that are working for me and the things that aren’t.

What works for me:

Anna and Erica together:
Watching these characters pretend to like each other is incredibly entertaining. Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin do subtext unbelievably well, and while the two women made polite small talk, you could feel everything going on underneath the surface. Erica and Anna are trying to figure out how to use each other, and watching these two prizefighters in pencil skirts size each other up was even more delicious this week than it was last week.

Sexual tension: Since Kyle Hobbes arrived on the scene, I’ve detected a bit of a spark between him and Erica. I would love if if the show pursued that direction, even as it deepens Kyle’s character, gives us more information about him and “her” (the mystery female Marcus had a photo of) and turns him into a very conflicted double agent. “Lost” fans know what great chemistry Mitchell had when she played opposite Sawyer, another rough-around-the-edges guy with great abs, and I think a Kyle-Erica affair could be diverting. Failing that, the show can just feature Charles Mesure standing around in a tight T-shirt for several minutes every episode. That would also work.

Lisa: Serious props to Ms. Vandervoort. At first I thought the character was a typical blonde TV vixen (and truthfully she wasn’t written as much more than a hottie who was there to ensnare Tyler). Tyler still does nothing for me, but Lisa’s become a whole lot more interesting — she’s afraid of Anna yet more convinced than ever that Anna’s plans are evil. And she’s got quite a spine, this lady: I loved her little smirk at the end when Anna was raging about her eggs. You could she was pretty pleased at having gotten revenge for the breaking of her legs.

Killing people off: The show needed to pare cast members and story lines that weren’t working, and no offense to Lourdes Benedicto, but that character had served her purpose and I’m not sorry she’s gone. They really might think about killing off Father Jack, too. I like Joel Gresch as an actor, but he’s had little to do except act as Chad Decker and the Fifth Column’s go-between. They need to either make the padre relevant or kill him off.

Joshua: Mark Hildreth has been great in this role, and I was very pleased to see Joshua was revived at the end of the finale. I’ve no idea what it means that Joshua is actually human but I think the fact that they revived him is probably very bad for him. UPDATE: As a commenter pointed out, he probably is a lizard-man and Anna was just spinning Erica when she said he was human.

Juicy twists: Keep them coming. There have been some good surprises this season, and it was satisfying to see the Fifth Column notch up a victory — and to see Erica truly understand what kinds of choices she’ll need to make to keep up the momentum for the underground resistance group. And I love the fact that Anna now really does think that Erica is an ally — it’s a great way for the Fifth Column to get a leg up and start finding ways to get under Anna’s skin even more.

The fashion: Anna’s dress, hair and makeup were even more fabulous than usual in the finale. And I almost fell off my chair laughing when Kyle pointed out that Erica was carrying a clutch, not a handbag. I love those little moments of humor almost as much as I love Anna’s sleek, fitted ensembles.

What doesn’t work for me:

The special effects, especially the backgrounds on the ship: They’re absolutely horrible and quite honestly scream “cheap/terrible sci-fi TV.” ABC, I’m begging you, give this show more money. Someone flipping through the channels would flip right past this program, due to the fact that there are so many obvious, inferior-looking green-screen special effects and interiors. I have to especially cite Hildreth who created a credible character that I cared about despite having to do all his scenes against those shoddy, bland backdrops. That is really an accomplishment for the actor, but the actors shouldn’t have to carry 100 percent of the weight of believability in every scene — the setting should help. Everything about the V ship interiors is boring, monochromatic and cheap-looking. We’re supposed to think the V’s are powerful and scary, not the world’s most inept decorators. Look at how people bought into a sci-fi show like “Lost” — they did so, in part, because it looked fantastic. When it comes to the sets, the location shoots and those V ship interiors — OPEN YOUR WALLET, ABC! Please! This is not a small matter. It’s this kind of thing that will determine whether “V” is a minor cult failure or a more broadly popular success.

Chad Decker: Does he just wander around the ship all day and turn up to visit Anna at random times? How the heck did he just walk into area in which they are doing experiments on humans? Everything about him felt fairly random in recent episodes. I’d have liked this character more if we’d seen him show signs of having doubts about Anna yet choosing the fame and prestige that top-tier access to the Vs got him. As it is, he’s seemed far too credulous all season; journalists are a cynical lot and we rarely saw that side of him (we only saw the ambition and the willingness to play ball with Anna). Let’s hope the character becomes more nuanced and is more than just Anna’s patsy in Season 2.

V security measures: The show needs to address why the V’s aren’t using top-notch surveillance to monitor their friends, enemies and basically anyone who might constitute a threat. They were smart enough to plant sleeper agents on Earth, why not plant a few bugs on everyone who comes on the V ship or on Chad Decker? No security monitors aboard the ships could tell them what Erica was really doing during the dinner party? If the eggs were that important, why wouldn’t Anna post a heavy guard detail to both entrances to the room? Again, we need to see the Vs as incredibly, terrifyingly organized and on top of everything. Morena does a good job with that aspect of her character but again, the show should assist her in this regard. The fact that the Vs haven’t bothered with simple surveillance or mastered security basics makes them seem less than competent.

Believability: My fellow “V” fans Tom and Lorenzo have pointed out all season how many times the characters on this show act in ways that make them seem dumb. This is happening less lately and it isn’t nearly the problem it was before. Having said that, there are times when logic and common sense don’t exactly prevail. As Tom and Lorenzo wrote in their review, “They’ve got interstellar travel capabilities but they haven’t invented the security camera yet?” Exactly. And Joshua seemed too smart to send out a systemwide message to the Fifth Column, yet he and his associate did just that. That seemed more like a plot device than a realistic move that that character would actually make. For us to buy into the Fifth Column’s guerrilla insurgency or the V’s terrifying plans for humanity, the characters on both sides have to seem smart and together, not bumbling and slow on the uptake. But again, things seem to be generally progressing in the right direction in this regard.

Red skies: The very last images of the Vs making the skies boil was anti-climactic. At least it did show that Mommy is very, very, very mad. This is probably very, very, very bad for Earth.

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