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Mania Grade: A-

SPOILER WARNING: This review contains spoilers that happened in this episode. Read it at your own risk. You have been warned.

The ending alone deserves an A– for delivering an excellent capper on an excellent episode as we move into the season finale next week.

As part of her campaign to sway the human race to her side, Queen Anna (Morena Baccarin) has her own daughter Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) brutally beaten and frames Kyle Hobbes (Charles Mesure) and Prof. Lawrence Parker, who is working on a bio-weapon that is a threat to the Vs. Anna shows up Lisa before the media, eliciting sympathy and revealing that her people will leave Earth. To make good on this, she orders one of her 29 ships to leave the planet.

FBI Agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Anna appear for the first time on-screen together throughout the course of this series. It’s interesting to learn that Erica didn’t know Lisa was an alien, nor is she aware or unaware that her son Tyler (Logan Huffman) knows this. Speaking of Erica, it’s pretty gutsy of her to be calling her cohorts in the Fifth Column from FBI HQ. They can’t trace anything back to her? Just an observation.

What makes this show intriguing are how the characters’ loyalties are put to the test; you don’t know which way they’ll go, which makes for exciting television. In Lisa’s case, she’s developing human emotions and is willing to screw over an innocent man, fearing what her mother can do to her. This comes when you think she’ll do the right thing.

Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) realizes Anna purposely leaves him out of the loop, believing he’d make a desperate plea to the people about Anna and the Vs – and it works. Anna also wants Chad to give up his informant, who happens to be Fr. Jack (Joel Gretsch), a member of the Fifth Column.

Perhaps the best character arc this episode is Hobbes. He steals the hard drive from Parker’s computer, which contains his research on the bio-weapon, and informs Marcus (Christopher Shyer), Anna’s aide de camp, about it. In exchange, he wants the Vs to leave him alone and a boatload of money. Can’t blame the man.

There are a few more clever twists in this episode:

* Val’s (Lourdes Benedicto) water breaks. Her unborn child is a half-human/half-alien hybrid, which is a threat to the Vs.
* Erica plans on fighting fire with fire, using Lisa to become closer to Anna.
* FBI Agent Sarita Malik (Rekha Sharma), herself an alien incognito, suspects there’s more going on to Erica than meets the eye.
* Anna’s army of super-soldiers is ready to hatch, which could crush the Fifth Column effortlessly.
* Anna’s “bliss” effect doesn’t affect members of her race with human emotions, which includes Lisa.

It would appear that a lot of the momentum V lost once it went on hiatus for a good five months is being made up for with a vengeance. Unlike FlashForward, this show has been cranking out some strong episodes and hasn’t turned into a convoluted mess like FlashForward has, sadly. If only one of the two can get renewed, it really should be V.

An open appeal to ABC: Please renew V for a second season. If you can’t do that, please make sure that the season finale ties up all the loose ends of an otherwise excellent and exciting but underrated series. You owe the fans that much.

Source: Mania

V, for the second week running, delivers a really good episode. Has the show rediscovered its form, wonders Ron?

The one thing you can say for V is that it is never consistent. Usually, that’s been a bad thing, as episodes have varied wildly in tone, filming style, lead character, script quality, acting quality, and (especially) direction of the show. It is a soap opera with aliens? Is it sci-fi 24? Is it a scathing satire of modern media mixed with a police procedural? I don’t know.

Actually, I’m still not sure, but I can say there’s been, for the first time since the first two episodes, two really good episodes of V in a row.

One of the strange things about the show is that every week I was sure that Tyler and Lisa were the weakest members of the ensemble. However, the more they get put into the background (or at least used properly), the more I see they’re actually not bad from an acting standpoint, or from character standpoints.

They’re useful plot pendulums when used by good writers, and this week’s combination of writers (including show runner Scott Rosenbaum and Gregg Hurwitz, who penned last week’s excellent episode) made really good use of the two. Lisa, in particular, was handled very well as a tool for both Anna and Erica to manipulate.

This week’s show was all about dichotomy, both featuring it prominently and actually showing it on screen. For instance, Lisa torn between her real mom and fear of said real mom, and Erica, who represents a loving mother, her loving boyfriend, and loving love. Anna definitely playing both sides, as she has all along, using her daughter’s pretty slashed face and mangled limbs to her advantage. Erica is both working for the V’s and for the Fifth Column. how much longer can she maintain the role?

The scene in which Erica, Anna, and Lisa are all in the interrogation room, while Lisa anxiously tries to decide if she’ll finger the man her mother wants her to frame, was some legitimately tense, really well-done television the likes of which this show has done too little of over its premier season.

Is Hobbes playing both sides, perhaps? What’s his true motivation? He’s edging dangerously close to double-crossing his fellow Fifth Column, despite the fact that the Visitors seem to have it out for him and want to frame him for everything from terrorism to jaywalking.

Speaking of true motivations, Chad Decker knows he’s being manipulated, and plays along in spite of this, but to what end? Is he all about ratings? Does he have some idea of what he’s trifling with? Will he cave in to Anna’s latest public relations campaign attempts?

Plus, there’s always Morris Chestnut. Ryan started out as an emotionless lizard, but developed love for Valerie. Now his love is his greatest weakness. Will he take Hobbes’ advice and burn the love out before it ends the Fifth Column in New York? Will he succumb to Anna’s bliss once again thanks to the advice of an amoral sociopath? More importantly, will Morris Chestnut ever return to not sucking every time he’s forced to do something close to acting? (Seriously, he’s starting to drag the show down when he’s given any emoting to do. There’s underplaying it, and then there’s not having a pulse.)

One of the positive things you can say for the show is that, since the new staff have taken over, they’ve done their best to put things back on track, balance the various storylines, and do some serious juggling.

Erica is back as the show’s primary mover and shaker, while the other characters are falling nicely into the niches prepared for them. Plus, we’re actually getting some teasers for stuff I want to see happen, and the all-important end-of-season-wrap-ups for stuff I’m ready to be rid of.

For one, Anna’s soldier eggs are threatening to hatch, and Lisa is threatening to get pro-choice on their unscrambled asses. While the egg scenes this week looked dodgy, this would be a great opportunity for Laura Vandervoort to get soaked in green slime.

There’s also the V fleet on the cusp of entering our solar system, which Anna will have to hide from the world by using more of her contacts, thereby giving her and Chad more chance to spar mentally.

Plus, Hobbes is approaching the delightfully evil Marcus to save his own bacon and fatten his bottom line (or so they’ve teased. Will they really let the show’s best character walk away?).

Oh yeah, there’s also the issue of Val’s lizard baby, which is finally starting to hatch/crown/whatever, the reptile-killing deus ex machina Hobbes has the formula for in his possession, and the only question that really has to be answered by next week’s episode: will the show be renewed for next season, and does it deserve to be renewed?

Two weeks ago, I would’ve said no. Until last week’s episode, I was basically counting the days down until the show was over so I could find something else to do with my Tuesday 10:00pm hour, but now?

I think if ABC chooses to bring the show back for a second season, I’ll be around for the ride. Unless they really drop the ball in the upcoming season finale, which is always a possibility, I think the show is moving into a good direction and I’d like to see how Rosenbaum and company play out these plot strings.

Source: Den of Geek

So, it’s the second to last episode of the season. I’m glad they’re tying things together and not leaving everything up in the air. Although I’m sure a lot still will be. I also have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised at what they’ve done with the story. If you had told me at the start that Lisa would be good and Ryan would start becoming bad by the end of the first season…I would have said you’re crazy. I also have to say that I’m extremely surprised that the birth of a hybrid baby is going to happen in the first season. I can’t remember when it happened in the original series, but I felt like it didn’t happen for a long time. I could be wrong. Overall, I’m pleased. Let’s hope it gets picked up for another season.

My Rating: 7.5 of 10

Source: TV GUIDE

Finally, Erica and Anna square off in this week’s episode “Fruition” and we know we weren’t the only ones waiting around for this moment to happen!

The best scene of the night was the scene where Anna and Erica both tell each other:

Anna: I’m sure we will cross paths again soon.
Erica: I’m not going anywhere Anna.
Anna: As of this evening, neither am I.

What an icy moment! If looks could kill, right?! We know that Erica knows that Hobbes and Parker were not the people who assaulted Lisa, but does Anna know that Erica isn’t the dumb blond? We have a feeling that Anna knows Erica may hold better cards then what pretends to have.

Since the season finale (hopefully, not the series finale!) is right around the corner, do you think that Anna and Erica will duel it out? We hope so! Kick some alien lizard a$$!

It was interesting to see that since Valerie left, Ryan is having doubts about being in the resistance. He openly discusses this with Jack who tells him to have faith. Even though he teeters on the fence throughout the episode, he does end up shutting the blinds to keep away Anna’s “bliss”. And from the previews, we know his baby is on its way – will that mean Ryan will continue to fight the good fight? We think so!

Lisa is completely showing us her more human side. Even at the end, she gives Jacob a look while she should be basking in her mother’s “bliss”. Lisa will be key to keeping the eggs from hatching. Do you think her mother will find out that she has human emotions? Also, why do you think she lied about Parker being the one who assaulted her?

A question we have – why does Anna so desperately want Erica? We find out that she is using Tyler as a pawn to get to his mother, but why? What role does Erica play for Anna?

We absolutely love the high intensity of this show and can’t wait to see what happens next week! Follow the jump to read a few of our favorite V quotes and don’t forget to leave your own opinions below!

Anna: I’m only looking out for what’s best for both of us.

Marcus: Gutsy move for showing your face in public, Mr. Hobbes.

Erica: Holding onto something that makes you feel safe gives you strength – trust me.

Anna: A picture is worth a thousand words.

Lisa: I don’t understand – why would someone do this to me?


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