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LOST: Massive Spoiler about Suliet

“Dark, just to confirm one of your previous ‘snippets’, in that early on in Season 6 we see the Wedding/Engagement ring that Sawyer had bought for Juliet. He had planned to ask her to marry him before she fell down that hole lol. We seem him in the aftermath throw it into the ocean due to him being upset by the love of his lifes death, kate does not help the situation in this scene. Oh and I think your’ll going to love Season 6, just off to watch episode 6×07, i’ll send you some stuff after the premiere”

Source: KLAX@DarkUFO | Thanks Jenny!

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  • haylie

    Why didn’t Sawyer propose to Juliet when he had the chance, e.g. in the season finale? If he had done it she might not have agreed to blow up the island because she thought he wanted and loved Kate more.

  • Rob

    This is sooooo depressing. I’m glad he loved her that much but i’m worried about all this is going to turn out. I miss Juliet already.

  • Straightart

    I’m not even excited for LOST… I’m just depressed…I mean what should I be excited for? To see her die again? I just hope there will be some clues if she is fine in a final loop. It’s just unfair!

  • Rob

    Well all of season 5 was shot b4 they decided to hav her character included n the final season so during the finale there prolly was no ring. I’m hoping they’re doing all this to show that he loved Juliet not Kate and then she will b alive in the final loop and her and Sawyer will b happy. But I know straightart I’m not excited either. It’s gonna b awful.