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  • Juliet Nooooooooo!!!!!!!;/;/;/;/ but generally is freaking amazing!

  • letix

    The audio really sucks in her scene. I can’t hear nothing.
    Anyway, my first impression is not good… 🙁
    I’ll wait to watch the episode in better quality to say if I like it or not.

  • Straightart

    I think it sucks big time. I don’t see why the hell all this. You wait the whole episode to see her while they’re all trying to pull her out of there… and when Sawyer finally find her, she dies… WHAT? Sorry but this is just useless. It sucks and it was just for making fun of us all during all these 10 months. If you needed to kill her, just kill her on may 2009. AND SAY IT. This is just disgusting.

  • letix

    I know, but I’m “glad” that she didn’t die alone.
    Of course seeing her die for the third time, it was not nice.

  • Katie

    Well I saw this coming from a mile away, or maybe I just heard the spoilers before I saw this lol. Anyway on either occasion I think this will end up good for both characters considering EM will already be filming V she can only be in a number of episodes at least they are making them count. Starting off the season with a heart breaking scene means they need to end with one that’s heart warming and puts a smile on our faces. Can’t wait for this season, it’s going to be awesome. Sad to see it end though.

  • Nick

    worst thing I have ever seen. Darlton are completely insane and mean. I feel insulted. Elizabeth should feel insulted. They didn’t even invite her to the event. I don’t see why people are so happy about Suliet. She’s dead. What is there to be happy for? Great Suliet scene? Sawyer loves her? Well I’ve already known that. But who cares? She is DEAD. There’s nothing to be happy about. Amazing scene, I agree, but she is dead. They killed her and they deceived us. That’s what pissed me off. And that’s why I won’t watch anything else made by those two. They’ve ruined my fav series. If they had killed her in May, I would probably have another opinion, now I just feel deceived for all these months.

  • Luisa

    Thats really not fair. I want to wake up. Why they let her die?
    I can’t believe that.
    @ Nick: You’re completely right, Elizabeth should feel insulted.

    Nevertheless, I’m curious how it will continue.

    Hope you can understand my bad english. I’m from Germany.
    We have to wait 1 year until we can see lost in german. But in english it’s unsurpassable.

  • Jenny

    Could anyone understand the conversation between Juliet and Sawyer in the two scenes and could try to write it down. The audio really sucks and as English is not my first language its even harder.

  • haylie

    Scene 1 was something like You’re still here. I detonated the bomb but it didn’t work. I wanted you to be able to go home. In scene 2 Juliet asks Sawyer for a kiss. He makes a comment about the blood on her face but kisses her. Then she tells him she has something important to tell him but dies before she can tell him what it is.

  • Justin

    It seems she said she was pregnant.

  • I heard:
    – where we are,
    -what happened,
    -something badly went,
    – I just want go home,
    – kiss me.
    something like that, but I’m not sure 😉
    miss Juliet.;(

  • Rob

    She told him she was 3 months pregnant. Which I don’t get why they did this unless it’ll have some significance later.

  • I can’t hear much, but for what I can…

    first scene:

    – Sawyer: You’re fine, I get you out of here

    – Juliet: I hit the bomb
    – Sawyer: What? Why?
    – Juliet: I want you’d be able to go home.

    it’s impossible to here after that.

    second scene

    – Sawyer: Juliet, can you see me?
    – Juliet: I love you (maybe)
    – Sawyer: I love you (maybe)
    – Juliet: Kiss me.
    – Sawyer: You get it, bloondie.
    – Juliet: I have to tell you something. I was pregnant.

    Not 100% sure of everything anyway. It’s very hard to get with all that noise.

  • haylie

    I watched it again. Juliet says she has to tell Sawyer something. He says tell me but she dies before she can say it. This must be the thing we are going to find out about her later in the season.

  • Jenny

    Okay, I already said, English is not my first language… but I watched it now a couple of times and here is what I understood. Correct me if I am wrong

    1st scene:

    Sawyer: Juliet… I’m here
    Juliet opens her eyes: Hi
    Sawyer: Hey
    Juliet: Where are we
    Sawyer: Don’t worry about it. Your’re fine. I get you out of here.
    Juliet: We better are. ??? (didn’t understand)
    Sawyer: It’s okay … I get you out okay. (didn’t understand it all)
    Juliet: No, I hit the bomb… and you’re still here
    Sawyer: What? Why?
    Juliet: I wanted you to be able to go home.
    (I can’t undersatnd anything that follows because of the background noise)

    2nd scene:

    Juliet: Bring me a coffee. (lol is she really saying that? That’s what I always hear)
    Sawyer: ??? (didn’t understand)
    Juliet: ??? (didn’t understand)
    Sawyer: Juliet. Two weeks.
    Juliet: James?
    Sawyer: Yeah
    Juliet: Kiss me!
    Sawyer: You got blood.
    They kiss
    Juliet: I have to tell you something. Its really important.
    Sawyer: You tell me.
    She dies
    Sawyer: Julie…Tell me.

    And where do you hear her say that she says she is pregnant?

  • when you say she says “it’s really important”. I don’t know. It could be anything. The audio sucks.

  • it seems you’re right. she didn’t say she was pregnant, but that she wants to tell him something really important and she dies without telling him what it is. UNBELIEVABLE.

  • Snow

    All I can say is that is -not- resolution. Surely, this is not the end. Surely, they can get Liz back to give us something right. After all these characters have been through, they deserve something. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But, don’t give us just more hocus pocus and lies. Give us something to hold onto that sweet in the end.