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I’m pretty sure she’s talking about Juliet.

Wendell: Lost scoop, now!
Sir, yes, sir! I can assure you that the first episode is nothing short of amazing, and you best have your DVR hooked up because you’ll want to watch it at least twice. No, make that 18 times. The sixth-season premiere will present us with two seemingly incompatible storylines: One in which we find out someone we thought was dead is actually alive (a certain very pretty someone) in the same time that we last saw him or her, and the other in which we will see Flight 815 again (which I’m pretty sure all of you have heard about by now). It’s a head-scratcher, for sure. But an awesome head-scratcher, nonetheless. And these two storylines will go on for a little while (in different decades) from what I hear.

Source: E!Online