What role will Juliet Burke have in the final season of ‘Lost’? | Speculation

Being an actor on “Lost” has its perks. You’re on a show with a devoted following, you get to spend your time filming in Hawaii, and even when your character dies, you’ve still got a pretty good shot at continuing to play the character at some point again. Heck, I’d wager that William Mapother’s character Ethan Rom has appeared onscreen about 12 times more AFTER he died than before.

The events at the end of “The Incident,” coupled with the Season 6 promotional poster, indicate that we’re about to see a lot of characters that on most shows would stay six feet under.

Today, we’re going to look at one of those characters: Juliet Burke. Elizabeth Mitchell might be currently trying to make me care about an alien lizard invasion over on “V,” but she’s also due back for more than one appearance in the finale season of “Lost.” I’ll provide the link to the full article, but note that it definitively answers the question of whether or not Juliet died when she detonated Jughead. The quote below doesn’t directly address that. We good? Good.

According to Entertainment Weekly: “…[the producers] note that she’s scheduled to appear in multiple episodes this season (“There’s still something very significant that we have not yet learned about the character,” hints Cuse).”

Something very significant. Hmm. It’s probably something a bit bigger than learning that she likes piña coladas, in addition to getting caught in the rain. I won’t even try to speculate on what that very significant something is at this point in the game. But I will try and suss out the ways in which Juliet Burke could fulfill a multiple-episode arc when it looks like she just took a face full of hydrogen bomb at the end of Season 5. To me, there are three ways in which the show could do this.

Put her in an alternative history/reality. If you know the title of the first episode of the season (go here if you don’t and wish to know), coupled with the cryptic videos at Comic-Con, then you know the showrunners have been heavily hinting that Jack’s plan worked, the Swan was never finished, and Oceanic 815 never crashed on the Island. Don’t put it past the show to confuse the living hell out of all “Lost” fans in the first part of the season and show a “What If?” scenario involve all major characters off-Island, including Juliet.

Put her in Island apparitions. We’ve seen plenty of people appear on the Island that shouldn’t be, including the ghosts/visions/facsimiles of those that have died. Argue all you want about the reasons such people appear, and who is pulling their strings, but it’s possible that Juliet will be a guide for a major character in the fallout of Jughead’s detonation and Jacob’s “death.” Course, would we be able to rely on her as actually helping said character? C’mon, it’s “Lost”! It’s Juliet! Course not. Just how we like it.

Put her in a series of flashbacks. While the show all but abandoned its traditional use of flashbacks in Season 5, there’s no reason to think they are lost and gone forever. They are like Juliet, that way. Given how much backstory is still left to be filled in, is it really past the realm of possibility that she interacted with crucial players at crucial times? Figures such as Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking come to mind. With the nature of the Island’s fertility problems still unsolved, it’s likely she’s still at the center of either its cause or its ultimate solution.

Those are my three thoughts on Juliet’s reappearance. What makes the most sense to you? Vote below, and leave your expanded thoughts in the comments!

Source: Zap2it | Thanks Louise!