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LOST | Some snippets about Juliet

Annie B.: I don’t care about alt Lost where Sawyer and Kate apparently do cross paths. Do you have any info about Sawyer/Kate on the Island, or are they doomed in the present time line (with Suliet and Jate still going strong)?
I know Team Darlton referred to “killing off” Juliet in their latest interview with People, but you’ve probably figured out by now that we’ll see her alive somehow, which my source confirms. Hence, her guest spots in a few episodes on the sixth season.

Source: E!Online | Thanks Rob!

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2 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    I dont think we have anything to worry about. Liz said she was happy with what they gave her and the end would make us smile (remember from that interview from the summer press tour). I could be wrong though. I was thinking to, the way Kristen answered that, you think she was trying to say without saying there will be no Skate and Suliet and Jate will be endgame? I hope so.

  2. EMfc Straightart says:

    if she’s alive only in the loops when the plain doesn’t crash and at the end of the story she’ll be dead I don’t give a damn to see her again.