Great Review for Elizabeth on V

Lost will be nothing without her! 😉 Good for V! 🙂

Tuesday: V
Say hello to Sean Hannity’s favorite new show! We doubt the producers of V intended their silly science-fiction remake of the overly praised 1983 mini-series to be some bastion of right-wing ideology—at its heart, V is likely supposed to be play on post-9/11 fears and terrorism—but that’s just what happened after the unintentionally hilarious pilot featured a charismatic alien leader talking about universal health care and preaching a message of hope. (No truth to the rumor that the V’s, as they’re called, come to earth by way of Kenya.) Politics aside, V is already much more entertaining than ABC’s other “we wish this was actually Lost” series (that would be FlashForward which gets dumber by the week), simply because of Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell. As the F.B.I. agent trying to stop the alien takeover, Ms. Mitchell displays the same combination of chilled intelligence and beguiling warmth that she did as Juliet Burke. She’s such a strong presence, that we actually worry what Lost will be like without her. 

Source: The Observer | Thanks Stef!