Spoilers (sort of) about Sawyer and Juliet

Nothing new, really, same stuff we heard at Comic Con, obviously it’s from Kristen. You might not wanna read it if you consider it a spoiler.

juliet lafleur lost hq (8).JPGKaren in Lewistown, Mont.: Any scoop on how Juliet will return to Lost? Besides what Elizabeth Mitchell herself teased, Josh Holloway hopes for a special Suliet reunion. “Maybe she’ll be this beautiful angel that appears and you can have this erotic scene,” he jokes. In all honestly, Josh doesn’t have a clue what’s going to happen with Juliet, but he does know how it affects Sawyer in the new season. “Now that he’s lost Juliet, I think the leader-hero thing is gone. I think he doesn’t give a s–t to be anyone’s leader at this point. He’s heartbroken. He’s back to ‘The world sucks’ and maybe throughout this season someone can redeem him again and bring him back from hell, because right now, he’s in hell.”

Dan in Orange, Calif.: Is there any hope for Sawyer next season on Lost
Do you mean, is there hope that the executive producers won’t kill Sawyer in the final season? Josh Holloway isn’t holding his breath on that one. Josh tells us, “Knowing Damon Lindelof, Sawyer must die. Maybe Carlton Cuse will soften. I always thought he should die. I think he should die because him and society is never going to work, so why go back?”