Gallery Update

Hello guys,

I’ve managed to get a better version of the lovely movie “The Linda McCartney Story” and I’m making screencaptures of it. I uploaded just a few, but others will be up soon.

Linda McCartney Story a0594.jpg Linda McCartney Story a1394.jpg Linda McCartney Story a1423.jpg Linda McCartney Story a1468.jpg

You can see them in the album.

I also added some scans from magazines of this year.

Romeo and Juliet TV GUIDE Elizabeth Mitchell.jpg EW Elizabeth Mitchell lost.jpg US WEEKLY ELIZABETH MITCHELL josh holloway (2).jpg LOST Official Mag 22 (3).jpg LOST Official Mag 22 (4).jpg

They are all in  Scans. Take a look!

Have a nice week-end, everybody! :)

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