Elizabeth Mitchell: Fans responsible for bringing Juliet back to ‘Lost’

elizabeth mitchell

Were it not for the huge fan outcry in the wake of Juliet’s apparent demise on Lost, the beloved heroine would probably not be returning next season. At least that’s what Elizabeth Mitchell believes, as you can see in the following video interview from Comic-Con. Mitchell, accompanied by her newest co-stars from ABC’s V, also reveals what it was like joining V while still working on Lost, and why she thinks the reboot will be more Battlestar Galactica than, say, Knight Rider. Watch the complete interview after the jump. And to see more of my Comic-Con videos, and other interviews and panels, head over to our Con hub.


There is a nice comment on EW:

Leia: “I briefly met Liz Mitchell while I was rooming with her sister in college, and I have to say, success couldn’t happen to a nicer person! I’m happy to see she has so much fan support.”

PS: Darlton, if you don’t bring her back alive, it’s useless, don’t even bother. We don’t need a ghost!