Comment about Juliet in season 6

My favorite fan question of the panel was from the dude in the Dharma suit who said that he cried like a girl when Juliet died. I feel your pain, man. I cried too. He asked if Juliet was okay, and if not…can they make her okay? Imagine my joy from Darlton’s response:

“This returns to the idea of whether or not her detonating the bomb had the desired effect. And if it did, my guess would be that she’s okay. Elizabeth Mitchell will be on Lost in the final season.”

After Darlton thanked the fans for their many years of support, they showed a touching tribute (In Memoriam) of the characters who have died on Lost. Now, given that they had just revealed that we’d be seeing both Faraday and Juliet in S6…I am quite intrigued that Faraday was among those in the video but Juliet was not.

Source: JOpinionated