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The DarkUFO Season 5 Awards – The Winners

Who was your Best Female actor of season?
1) Elizabeth Mitchell
2) Evangeline Lilly
3) Fionnula Flanagan
DarkUFO: Elizabeth Mitchell

Best Episode
1) The Incident
2) LaFleur
3) Dead is Dead
DarkUFO: The Incident

Best Flashback/Flashforward(s)
1) The Incident
2) The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
3) The Variable
DarkUFO: The Variable

Which was the best death?
1) Juliet
2) Locke
3) Flaming Froghurt
DarkUFO: Dishwasher Man

Who was your Favorite Character of the season?
1) Sawyer
2) Juliet
3) Ben
DarkUFO: Sawyer

Who was your Best Male actor of season?
1) Josh Holloway
2) Michael Emerson
3) Terry O’Quinn
DarkUFO: Josh Holloway

Who was your Favourite Couple?
1) Sawyer and Juliet
2) Penny and Desmond
3) Rose and Bernard
DarkUFO: Sawyer/Juliet

What was your Best Scene?
1) Jacob and Jacob’s enemy reveal at the beginning of the Finale.
2) Juliet detonating Jughead
3) Juliet falls down the swan site
DarkUFO: Jacob and Jacob’s enemy reveal at the beginning of the Finale.

What was your Best Ending to an Episode?
1) Juliet explodes the Bomb
2) Sayid shoots Ben
3) Ben kills Locke
DarkUFO: Juliet explodes the Bomb


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