Getting LOST – The Finale

ABC’s Lost may be over for the season, but Getting Lost just keeps on getting… Lost. In this week’s installment:

  • I reveal your assorted predictions about how the season finale would end, and then rip open the envelope and reveal my own: “The whole damn island blows up.”
  • Fortuitously, I ran my prediction by Michael Emerson when I spoke to him the other day. Hear what he had to say about how the “explosive” ending means for the show’s final 17 episodes — starting with the Season 6 premiere.
  • Is Juliet definitely a goner? The fate of her fall pilot set aside, I remind you what Elizabeth Mitchell teased about the season finale’s apparent death.
  • This week’s Burning Question concerns what Jacob told “UnLocke” just before he “flamed” out. Give it a listen, and then send your best theory to