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Review: “Emmy-worthy Elizabeth Mitchell”

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emmy-awardWith that “surprise” ending behind us, moving on to Lost, with a powerhouse climax of its own. The bulk of the episode was spent in Sun’s head, with another magnificent performance by Yunjin Kim. She was obsessed with shame: the shame Jin felt over his parentage (we met his mom, a blackmailing prostitute); the shame Sun felt about her own corrupt father and how she was responsible for putting her husband deeper in his debt; and mostly, the shame she felt for having cheated on Jin, a worry compounded by her surprise pregnancy. Thanks to Juliet (more great work by Emmy-worthy Elizabeth Mitchell), Sun learned the island can increase even an infertile man’s sperm count by as much as five times, and the date of conception was calculated to having taken place on the island. That’s good news/bad news. The good: Jin is the father, no shame necessary. The bad: Women who conceive on the island never survive to the third trimester. Juliet’s and Sun’s looks of joy during the ultrasound scene were a marvel to behold, which only added to the impact when Juliet filed her secret and sinister report to Ben, promising to get samples from the other female castaways. As she signed off with an “I hate you,” I couldn’t have loved this enigmatic character more. But can Juliet save Sun, or will she lose her 10th patient?

An excellent question to ponder, along with the bombshell dropped by the mysterious multi-lingual parachutist, who told Hurley in the episode’s final moments that, to the outside world, Oceanic Flight 815 was considered lost with everyone aboard dead. “They found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead.”

Time to rev up those “Lost as purgatory”/No Exit theories. Next week: the return of Locke. Yay!

Source: TV Guide

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