2009 Airport – Fan Photo

Thanks Matt for sending this to us!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix

2010 Jimmy Kimmel Portraits

Hi all! I made these from the caps of the Jimmy Kimmel talk show Liz did in 2010. Enjoy! ^___^

2010 Jimmy Kimmel Portraits || Elizabeth Mitchell Elizabeth_Mitchell_Jimmy_Kimmel_2010_28229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Jimmy_Kimmel_2010_28329.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Jimmy_Kimmel_2010_28429.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Jimmy_Kimmel_2010_28529.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Jimmy_Kimmel_2010_28629.jpg

Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix

2006 EW Photoshoot

Hi, I removed the watermarks from these photos. I’ll try to do the same with the other ones of the same set, but it will take a while. In the mean time enjoy these! ^__^


1 ew elizabeth mitchell tagged (10).jpg 1 ew elizabeth mitchell tagged (11).jpg 1 ew elizabeth mitchell tagged (2).jpg 1 ew elizabeth mitchell tagged (3).jpg 1 ew elizabeth mitchell tagged (4).jpg

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix

Monte Carlo TV Festival 2010 – New Additions

We added 16 new HQs into the gallery from Monte Carlo TV Festival 2010. :)

Monte Carlo Interview

Monte Carlo TV Festival 2010  elizabethmitchelljune8montecarlomq (1).jpg elizabethmitchelljune8montecarlomq (2).jpg elizabethmitchelljune8montecarlomq (3).jpg elizabethmitchelljune8montecarlomq (4).jpg

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Montecarlo TV Festival - Pix

Kristin’s Christmas Past – New Poster, Still and Trailer

Hi all, I found a new poster, a still and a new trailer of Kristin’s Christmas Past. Enjoy! ^___^

Poster & Still

elizabeth_mitchell_kristin_s_christmas_past_poster.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_kristin_christmas_past_28429.jpg


Kristin's Christmas Past Elizabeth Mitchell


Elizabeth Mitchell - Kristin’s Christmas Past - Pix - Video

Fan Photo of Elizabeth on set

A guy run into Elizabeth yesterday and posted a photo with her on tumblr. So lucky!

fan photo elizabeth mitchell

Source: shepardoftheearth

2x22 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set

Video Interview with Elizabeth on set (February 19)

This is another video interview from February 19.

elizabeth mitchell


Source: GiveMeMyRemote

Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set - Video