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Revolution will return as a comic book

I know Liz is not involved, but I thought some of you could be interested in this.
Revolution will return as a comic book. The 4 digital issues will be released on ComicBook.com every two weeks starting Monday, May 4. They will give a conclusion to the story.
Kripke: “Miles, Monroe, Rachel, Charlie, Aaron, Neville and the rest will return for the epic finale to the REVOLUTION storyline.”
To read more about it check this site comicbook.com

Rachel Matheson - Revolution

Crossing Lines: Mip TV 2015 – Cannes [Photos]

Hey Liz, look who is the real pure sunshine here! ;)

Hi lovelies, Liz is in Cannes this morning promoting “Crossing Lines”. New pictures…YAY! She looks fabulous! <3

UPDATE (April 15): Hello everyone, we update the gallery (and this post) with brand new pictures and replaced some photos with better quality pics (large quality or mqs). We removed some watermarks where it was possible.

The new photos added into the gallery:

Public Appearances > 2015 > MIP TV 2015 Photocall


Elizabeth_Mitchell_MIPTV2015_Photocall_62.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_MIPTV2015_Photocall_63.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_MIPTV2015_Photocall_64.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_MIPTV2015_Photocall_65.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_MIPTV2015_Photocall_66.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_MIPTV2015_Photocall_67.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_MIPTV2015_Photocall_68.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_MIPTV2015_Photocall_69.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_MIPTV2015_Photocall_70.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_MIPTV2015_Photocall_71.jpg

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Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix