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Dylan Neal About Elizabeth

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Dead_Of_Summer_Set_June_6_24.jpgDylan Neal who played Keith on Dead of Summer recently did an interview and he said nice things about Elizabeth! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Lovely!

I’ve got a couple episodes of a Freeform series called Dead of Summer that is airing right now. I was working with Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost and Revolution and Once Upon A Time. A wonderful, wonderful actress. I just love working with her. A wonderful person too. I’m in episode six and episode nine. And Jesse Hutch was in my episode too.


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The Purge: Election Year Out In UK Theaters And Box Office Update

The_Purge_Election_Year_Elizabeth_MitchellThe Purge: Election Year comes out in UK today. Go to see the movie, guys! Elizabeth on the big screen is a very special and extraordinary experience, you won’t regret it, we promise!

The movie scoared $79,042,440 in USA and $23,315,226 in the rest of the world where it is already out, so worldwide it brought in $102,357,666. 😀 This is impressive, expecially because the budget was only 10.000 $. YAY! 😉

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Lost Season 5 Finale’s On-Set Photo

Jorge Garcia posted this set of pictures (Elizabeth is in the last one) when we were in San Diego, so we only saw this now. Doreen Schultz (the hair stylist of Lost) passed away last July. We are so deeply sorry about this, our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.

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Earthquake in Italy | We Are Fine

There’s been a devastating earthquake here in our Country. It involved central Italy and it was really strong.
We’re both fine, thank you for those who asked.
People who live in central Italy… they need a lot of blood (all types), so please donate it and help others. We are so deeply sorry for those who are suffering and lost a loved one. Be safe! Hugs.


[Italiano] Ragazzi, speriamo che stiate tutti bene dopo questo devastante terremoto. Noi qui tutto ok. Se vivete nel Lazio, Umbria, Abruzzo e Marche andate a donare il sangue. Hanno bisogno di sangue di tutti i tipi. Vi lasciamo qui un articolo nel caso vi possa essere utile.
Siamo terribilmente dispiaciuti per chi ha perso qualcuno e chi sta soffrendo, un abbraccio forte!

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