New Photos of Elizabeth with Bob Merrick

Updated with a new pic. :D
Bob Merrick
posted this adorable photo of him and Elizabeth in Seattle. The sweetest! <3

Elizabeth Mitchell & Bob Merrick Elizabeth Mitchell & Bob Merrick

“Greetings from Liz’s new ranch!”
“Reunited for some vacation lovin’!”

Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix

Adam & Ed likely about Elizabeth’s character on OUAT

I’m pretty sure Adam and Ed are talking about Liz’s character (watch min. 3:10). And if I’m right it contains spoilers! ;) I’m so excited!!!!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time

Elizabeth mentioned in this OUAT cast interview

Liz is mentioned in the last minute of this TV Line interview with OUAT cast.

Ausiello: So, who’s Elizabeth Mitchell playing?
OUAT cast:  Hmmmmm.


Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time: Spoiler about Liz’s role


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During an interview with EW  Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz talked about Liz’s role on the show. [SPOILER ALERT]

There’s been a lot of guesses for Elizabeth Mitchell’s character, whether Elsa and Anna’s mom survived that sea voyage, or perhaps that she’s playing the original Snow Queen. Anything you can tell us?
Kitsis: It’s one of the two things you mentioned!
Horowitz: We’ll find Elizabeth Mitchell’s character is connected both to the world of Arendelle and the world of Storybrooke.

Since both their shows were canceled, people were hoping for the casting of Mitchell and Josh Holloway, both Lost alum, which seemed like a pipe dream. But then you cast one of them! So I should ask: Any chance of Josh joining too?
Horowitz: He’s not in mind for this particular arc, but someday, if the time were right and he were willing and we had the right thing—we’d have to have absolutely the perfect thing, and he’d have to be willing. Josh has no bigger fans than us. We had so much fun writing for him.

Source: EW

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time Season 4 Premiere Date

ELIZABETH MITCHELL NEW PROJECTABC announced fall premiere date for Once Upon a Time, it’s Sunday, September 28 – 8:00-9:00 p.m.

Not sure if Liz is in 4×01 or not, but just in case I thought to post the news. :)

Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time

Revolution 2×22 Set Photo of Liz

Photo of Liz Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x22_set_3.jpg

Thanks Kaysi for sending this! ^_^ Photos by Billy Burke’s stand-in Klifton Kruger.

2x22 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set

Elizabeth Mitchell joins ‘Once Upon a Time’ in mysterious ‘Frozen’ role

I mean OH MY GOD!

Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A TimeTV geek goddess Elizabeth Mitchell is coming to Storybrooke.

EW can exclusively reveal Mitchell has joined the cast of ABC’s Once Upon a Time for a season 4 arc as part of the much-anticipated Frozen-inspired storyline. The move marks Mitchell’s return to ABC, where she became a fan favorite on Lost. Since then, she’s starred in ABC’s V and was most recently on NBC’s Revolution. Only this time, we hear Mitchell might be playing a villainous character.

Mitchell’s Once Upon role isn’t being revealed yet, but we’re told she is “possibly malevolent” with ties to royal Frozen sisters Anna (newcomer Elizabeth Lail) and Elsa (Fringe familiar Georgina Haig) as well as to Storybrooke and Arendell. The events in Once Upon are expected to take place after the events in last year’s animated Disney hit. Let the speculation begin!


Source: EW

What Losties (who also work on Once Upon A Time) wrote about the news :D

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time