2010 Jimmy Kimmel Portraits

Hi all! I made these from the caps of the Jimmy Kimmel talk show Liz did in 2010. Enjoy! ^___^

2010 Jimmy Kimmel Portraits || Elizabeth Mitchell Elizabeth_Mitchell_Jimmy_Kimmel_2010_28229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Jimmy_Kimmel_2010_28329.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Jimmy_Kimmel_2010_28429.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Jimmy_Kimmel_2010_28529.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Jimmy_Kimmel_2010_28629.jpg

Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix

2006 EW Photoshoot

Hi, I removed the watermarks from these photos. I’ll try to do the same with the other ones of the same set, but it will take a while. In the mean time enjoy these! ^__^


1 ew elizabeth mitchell tagged (10).jpg 1 ew elizabeth mitchell tagged (11).jpg 1 ew elizabeth mitchell tagged (2).jpg 1 ew elizabeth mitchell tagged (3).jpg 1 ew elizabeth mitchell tagged (4).jpg

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix

Monte Carlo TV Festival 2010 – New Additions

We added 16 new HQs into the gallery from Monte Carlo TV Festival 2010. :)

Monte Carlo Interview

Monte Carlo TV Festival 2010  elizabethmitchelljune8montecarlomq (1).jpg elizabethmitchelljune8montecarlomq (2).jpg elizabethmitchelljune8montecarlomq (3).jpg elizabethmitchelljune8montecarlomq (4).jpg

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Montecarlo TV Festival - Pix

Kristin’s Christmas Past – New Poster, Still and Trailer

Hi all, I found a new poster, a still and a new trailer of Kristin’s Christmas Past. Enjoy! ^___^

Poster & Still

elizabeth_mitchell_kristin_s_christmas_past_poster.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_kristin_christmas_past_28429.jpg


Kristin's Christmas Past Elizabeth Mitchell


Elizabeth Mitchell - Kristin’s Christmas Past - Pix - Video

Fan Photo of Elizabeth on set

A guy run into Elizabeth yesterday and posted a photo with her on tumblr. So lucky!

fan photo elizabeth mitchell

Source: shepardoftheearth

2x22 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set

Video Interview with Elizabeth on set (February 19)

This is another video interview from February 19.

elizabeth mitchell


Source: GiveMeMyRemote

Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set - Video

Liz and Stephen Collins on set [Photo]

This should be from episode 2×04. Liz is so cute! <3

liz elizabeth mitchell

My first photo Revolution. With Elizabeth Mitchell and Stephen Collins. It has truly been an honor working with both.

Thanks so much Pete Munoz for the pic!

2x04 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set