Once Upon A Time: info about Liz’s first episode

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_Snow_Queen_manip_10.jpgA lot of people have been asking me about when we’re gonna see Liz on Once Upon A Time. It should be next week but the point is they shot 4×02 from July 22 till July 29 and Liz was there the night between 28/29. So the scenes she filmed could also be for 4×03 (filmed between July 30/Aug.15) because sometimes things like that happen. I hope it’s not the case and she will make her big entrance in 4×02. Maybe at the end of the episode?! :D

I’ve already said on the social media that Robin Weigert (Rachel Carlson – LOST) will be a guest star in 4×02 so I really hope to see a Juliet&Rachel’s reunion we didn’t get on LOST. :D

On OUAT page I posted all the info about filming reports & spoilers, so if you’re looking for dates or something they are all there.

Anyway this is the press release for the episode (they don’t mention Liz, but if it’s a surprise I guess that’s why they don’t):

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4x02 White Out - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Spoilers

10 Most Memorable Lost Characters: Juliet Burke


How I love the cool blue-eyed look of Juliet. Her presence helped Lost ride through their middle seasons. Juliet taught us that not all of “The Others” were bad. She was an island native who wanted to get the heck home, just like the survivors. Elizabeth Mitchell (who played Juliet) is the only female actress from Lost to have earned an Emmy nomination, and it is clear why.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Review

Once Upon A Time Tonight!

Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time

EMfc edit – Not an official poster

Hey guys, the premiere of ONCE UPON A TIME is almost here!

Are you ready?

Probably Liz won’t be in this episode but hopefully we’ll see her next week?!

Anyway don’t miss the show tonight!

Storybrooke has frozen over! ;)

Artworks - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time – More Set Photos from August 12 & 19

UPDATE (September 28): Canadagraphs realeased a few more pictures from the same days. Enjoy! :)

*** SPOILERS ***






These are never seen photos from Once Upon A Time set. They are from August 12 and 19 so they are not recent, but still new and Liz looks so adorable!!! <3

Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time set Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time set Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time set Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time set Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time set Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time set Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time set Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time set

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4x04 "The Apprentice" - 4×03 “Rocky Road” - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Pix - Spoilers

Once Upon A Time’s villain – EW Spoilers

EMfc edit - NOT an original poster Once_Upon_A_Time_Frozen_Apple_Poster_Elizabeth_Mitchell.jpg

EMfc edit – NOT an original poster

Executive producer Edward Kitsis says. “What Elsa’s motivation will be will be revealed in the premiere, and I don’t want to spoil it, but I can tell you that she won’t be a villain.”

Instead, viewers should prepare to meet a second frigid character, the Snow Queen, portrayed by Lost alum Elizabeth Mitchell. “What we can say about Elizabeth on the show is that for the first time, we’re showing a villainous side to Elizabeth Mitchell,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says, before Kitsis interjects: “Not just working with the Others because she has no choice, but a truly villainous side. We can’t wait to scare everyone.”

Not coincidentally then, the “Snow Queen is connected” to why Elsa landed in that vault, according to Carlyle. “Rumple’s told them at this point that he didn’t know that Elsa was there,” he says. “At this point, I genuinely don’t know whether that’s true or not. I doubt it because it’s his vault.”

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Spoilers

Once Upon A Time 4×07 Set Photos & Spoilers

UPDATE 4 (September 25): Spoilers from yesterday’s filmings:

Well, it was clear it was an Arendelle location. Elizabeth Mitchell was there, and three others, including Sally Pressman. The others we don’t know who exactly they are. But one of them plays most likely The Duke of Weselton! The other looked like it was Anna and Elsa’s mother, but we’re not sure.

NOTE: Liz came out to see fans after she changed back into her own clothes.

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Photos from September 23 – Filming “Once Upon A Time” 4×07 “The Snow Queen”

UPDATE 3 (September 24): New lovely photos!!

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_17.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_40.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_41.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_51.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_52.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_53.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_54.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_20.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_33.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_34.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_39.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_45.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_50.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_19.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_16.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_18.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_21.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_22.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_23.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_26.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_27.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_28.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_29.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_31.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_32.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_42.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_43.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_44.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_47.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_48.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_49.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_55.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_30.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_24.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_25.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_35.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_36.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_37.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_38.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_September_23_46.jpg

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UPDATE 2: Several new stunning photos. And the cape is amazingly gorgeous!!!!



Who blasts through the Storybrooke Sheriff’s Station wall? Odds favour the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell), who was spotted in costume today walking into the Storybrooke Free Public Library. Will we see trails of ice and snow when this Once Upon a Time episode screens? The presence of a boom mike suggests she has something to say but spectators couldn’t hear it.

The final scenes of the day took place outside Any Given Sundae. More Snow Queen?

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UPDATE: I added another photo.

Liz has been just spotted on Once Upon A Time 4×07 set. They said she was there with Christie Laing ( Marian)  and Raphael Alejandro  (her son). Not sure if they are filming together a scene or not. Anyway finally a new pic!!! :)))

Once Upon A Time 4x07 Set Photo of Elizabeth Mitchell as the Snow Queen

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4x07 The Snow Queen - Elizabeth Mitchell - Filming Reports - Once Upon A Time - Pix - Spoilers

LOST: Review about Juliet & Sawyer

Hi, there’s another article about LOST with a touching part about Juliet &  Sawyer’s relationship. Elizabeth Mitchell SulietI think you would like to read it. :)

“The finest example of a good character moment is Sawyer and Juliet’s relationship in season five. The two of them, after being caught on the Island spinning recklessly through time like a skipping record, are finally forced to settle in the 1970s in the Dharma Initiative’s midst. Neither has any real reason to get together. By then, we’d already been forced to invest in either a Kate-Jack or Kate-Sawyer pairing. But the show flashes us three years into their relationship, and, in a single moment, sells their coupledom almost effortlessly because the characters have been through enough apart that we understand what they need and can provide for one another. Sawyer needs someone who doesn’t cotton to his bullshit. Juliet needs someone who believes in her and isn’t trying to own her. Both need to feel trusted. And in an instant, you were with them until the end. When Lost gets something right, it’s really gets it right. It’s people who serve as its beating heart, and who make watching worth it, far more than the show’s many showy philosophical discussions.”

The Verge

5x08 LaFleur - Elizabeth Mitchell - Josh Holloway - Juliet Burke - Lost - Review - Sawyer - Suliet