TV’s Top 10 Villains: The Snow Queen

Elizabeth Mitchell TV's Top 10 Villains: The Snow QueenWe haven’t seen much of her character yet and she’s already in the Top 10 Villains by usmagazine. Isn’t this excited? :D

TV’s Top 10 Villains: The Biggest Baddies Currently on Air

10. Snow Queen (Once Upon a Time)

Is it getting chilly in here? Royals with the power to produce ice don’t always sing hit Idina Menzel songs. The Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) first stepped her frosty heels into Storybrooke in season 4 of the ABC fairytale drama, but she’s already made a lasting impression. Using her powers to freeze to turn the town against her niece Elsa (Georgina Haig), the queen (or her alter-ego Sarah Fisher) has already racked up a list of enemies.

Thanks so much Bailey for the headup!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Review - Snow Queen

Once Upon A Time: Upcoming Episodes’ Titles – 4×08 will air an hour earlier and it’s 2 hours episode

UPDATE: Adam has just posted on twitter that 4×08 will air an hour earlier and it’s a 2 hours episode.

OUAT_Elizabeth_MitchellI’ve just read this:

It seems that 4×08 will be a 2*1hr episodes

We have some new Episode Titles for you today.

  • Episode 4x08A/B now is called “Smash the Mirror Part 1” / “Smash the Mirror Part 2”
  • Episode 4×09 is called “Fall”
  • Episode 4×10 is called “Shattered Sight”
  • Episode 4×11 is called “Heroes and Villains”

Source: SpoilerTV

This is interesting because 4×08 is the episode with scenes set in the 80’s and it could be a lot about the Snow Queen. Jennifer said she worked a lot with Liz and also Lana posted a photo with her in the same period, so this is going to be great!

4x08 Smash The Mirror - 4x09 Fall - 4x10 - 4x11 "Heroes and Villains" - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers

People’s Choice Awards 2015 – Vote for Liz

people_choice_2015Hey guys, it’s time to vote for People’s Choice Awards 2015.

You need to add Liz’s name but you can vote for her in two categories:  DRAMATIC TV ACTRESS & SCI-FI/FANTASY TV ACTRESS.

Vote HERE!

Let’s try to get her a nomination! :)



Awards - Elizabeth Mitchell

Once Upon A Time Set Photos & Report – October 22

UPDATE (October 23): I added a filming report about what they shot yesterday (it contains spoilers).

Filming Report – 4×10 – October 22

  • The day started with Robert shooting a scene where he just walks out of his shop, and it’s snowing.
  • Next scene, was Lana. Walking, (no snow) stopping at Any Given Sundae, looking up, and going inside.
  • After that, there was some kind of brawl going on, with almost all the dwarves and Granny. They were fighting, and suddenly they noticed that it was snowing and stopped fighting and looked up.
  • Then, there was a scene where Jen, Georgina and Elizabeth Lail + dwarves walked all happy through the snow and then there’s Ginny, Josh and Lana walking up to them. Ginny and Josh hugging Jen, while Henry runs towards the group. He hugs Lana, and Jen afterwards. Then Jen hugs Georgina and everyone is smiling and lauching and blah blah blah.
  • Last scene we saw was Elizabeth Mitchell standing in front of Any Given Sundae. Some dwarves came out of the shop and ran away while Jen and George do their magic. Which seems to be not working. 

Source: captaincronut


Hey, Liz is on set right now. They are filming 4×10.


TV Series » Once Upon A Time » Set » 4×10 Set – October 22

4x10 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Filming Reports - Once Upon A Time - Pix - Set - Snow Queen - Spoilers

Once Upon A Time Set Pictures from October 20

[SPOILERS] You can barely see Liz in these, but it’s her filming a scene with young Emma (Abby Ross) last Monday. Guys, I’m so excited about their connection. Everything on screen and on set I see is beyond my expectations and I had some high ones. I’m so happy about everything we’re getting from this experience!

Thank you, Liz!

TV Series » Once Upon A Time » Set » 4×10 “Shattered Sight” Set – October 20

Source: katmtan

I updated the OUAT info page this morning, check it out for more details about the show’s filming/spoilers.

4x10 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Pix - Set - Snow Queen - Spoilers

Once Upon A Time 4×04 HD Screencaptures & Clip

Hello everyone! I uploaded the screencaptures and the clip with Liz from Once Upon A Time 4×04. Enjoy!

TV Series » Once Upon A Time » Screencaptures » 4×04 HD Caps

TV Series » Once Upon A Time » 4×04 The Apprentice Clip

Once Upon A Time - Elizabeth Mitchell


4x04 The Apprentice - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Pix - Video

Once Upon A Time Filming Report

UPDATE (October 22): I’ve just added another detail about the scene Liz filmed on Monday.


OncerInSpace: OUAT FILMING: Monday night Abby Ross (young Emma) filmed a scene with Elizabeth Mitchell.


UPDATE: There’s another small report about yesterday’s filmings.

Sara Jallad: the teen was a young Emma, Snow Queen was her guardian, trying to force her to use/discover powers.

Thanks Fangirl312 for the headup!


There is a small report from last night’s filmings.

Sara Jallad: Snow Queen + blonde teen having confrontation at a bus stop

Who do you think the young girl is? I think (hope) it’s Emma!   Oh and Adam said:

I wish he said the entire season!

4x10 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Filming Reports - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers