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Jack Bender about Elizabeth’s performance in The Incident

Jack Bender talked about Elizabeth’s performance in “The Incident” during a chat on a reddit:

Actors have a really hard job, which they make look easy, which is recreating life, and making you believe it’s real, and that’s not easy.

And we were doing the scene where Elizabeth Mitchell, her character, towards the end of the show, where Sawyer is holding onto her, and the tower collapsed. And she got sucked down into an underground kind of hatch, and died. It was the death of her character. And I had shot everything towards Elizabeth, and she was brilliant.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Lost - Review

About the book with your messages for Liz

About the book with your messages for LizHello everyone,
since you are asking us questions about the book with your messages for Elizabeth, here’s an update.

For those who don’t know about it, in January we created this book with fan messages when we were supposed to go to Dallas for the Walker Stalker Con, but Liz had to cancel because of Crossing Lines’ filmings.

We promised you to give it to her anyway but it hasn’t happened yet because of reasons.

When it happens, we’ll let you know about it  for sure.

We know a lot of you care about the book because you want her to know how important she is for you, so we told her about it and about how she lights up our lives. We’re sure she’s gonna love it when she gets it! ;)

She’s such an amazing human being and the sweetest person on Earth, but you already know that. :P

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Walker Stalker Con Orlando | Photos & Video

Update (July 5): Thanks so much Jennifer for sending us these pictures from LOST Panel!

Update (July 3):

Update (July 2):

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_071.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_072.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_073.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_074.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_075.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_076.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_078.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_079.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_080.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_081.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_082.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_083.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_084.jpg

Update (July 1):

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_063.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_064.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_065.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_066.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_067.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_068.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_069.jpg

We did spend a crazy amount of time in Elizabeth Mitchell’s line.  She was only going to be there for one day, so I get it. There was also a LOST panel, which was the most populated panel of the con. Such a great panel — hopefully it will end up on the internet soon.

Source: adventuresinverdance.com



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